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Introduction to Archery Classes from Archery Country

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This is a one-time introductory class for anyone interested in the sport of archery but who have never had the opportunity to try it! Whether your interest has been sparked by the Olympics or recent movies, we are happy to introduce you to archery. The class will cover basic safety procedures, proper shooting form, how to check eye dominance, and most importantly, how to properly handle a bow so that you can let your first arrow fly! You will have the opportunity to shoot both recurve and compound bows. It will be a great experience for everyone to try something new, and perhaps pick up a new hobby!

More information and Specs

One-Day “Into to Archery” class. Good for one person age 8 and up. You may take the class at any of Archery Country’s three locations – Waite Park, Brainerd, or Rogers. To choose the day of your class and to register go to or call.

Archery Country
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28 Division Street
Waite Park, MN 56387
P: (320) 253-4786
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