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Instant Vouchers 40 Activities 37 Appliances 4 Auto Sales & Service 46 Auto/Home 137 Bait and Tackle 1 Bakery and Grocery 16 Bars 5 Boat & ATV Sales & Service 3 Builders & Remodelers 16 Cleaning 4 Clothing 8 Coffee Shops 3 Comedy and Music 8 Concerts & Events 13 Education 7 Electronic Repair 5 Entertainment 89 Events 2 Family Events 11 Fitness 43 Food & Drink 116 Furniture 5 General Merchandise 24 Gifts and Floral 9 Golf 35 Hardware 7 Health & Beauty 87 Home Maintenance & Decorating 4 Home Services 39 Hotels and Motels 4 Jewelry 5 Landscape & Nurseries 10 Limo and Transportation 4 Liquor Stores 2 Massage and Spa 10 Medical and Dental 5 Other Services 15 Pets and Farm 14 Photography and Video 8 Pizza Restaurants 9 Printing 5 Recreational Rentals 3 Recreational Vehicles 1 Rental 18 Restaurants 72 Retail 67 Salons 20 Services 62 Sporting Events 1 Sporting Goods 7 Sports & Outdoors 55 Storage and Rental 4 Tanning 2 Theatre 5 Travel 1
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Beginner-Friendly Wine-Making Kits

Calling all wine lovers! Are you looking for a fun (and delicious) new hobby? Give wine making a spin! Not only will you literally get to enjoy the fruits of your own labor, but it’s something you can share with friends too. With the many different wine-making kits that are available, it’s never been easier to start making your own wine as a fun and rewarding DIY hobby. Take a look at some of these beginner-friendly kits, and start making your very own wine! Continue reading…

Best Selling Tea Kettles

I know we're at the beginning of summer so maybe a hot cup of tea doesn't really sound that appealing, but I love tea kettles! They're cute, they're functional, there are different styles and types. You can stick to the classic kettle that whistles and sits on your stovetop, or try the electric kettle which typically has multiple settings for different types of teas or the beautiful and mysterious glass teapot for making herbal teas! Either way, I've got a list of some of Amazon's best selling kettles for you! Continue reading…

Amazon's Best Cameras for Underwater Photography

Whether you’re at the beach, the pool or the lake, having a waterproof camera on hand will help you capture summertime memories. Or if you’re prone to dropping cameras in water, then a waterproof camera just makes practical sense! Whatever your reason might be, I’ve put together a list of Amazon’s cameras for underwater photography. There are waterproof cameras for all skill levels from beginner to pro, and with this list you’ll find the waterproof camera that’s just right for you! Continue reading…

Crocs, Crocs and More Crocs

Crocs are back with a vengeance! I'm not including the Shrek-themed Crocs, but trust me when I say that they are magnificent and have Shrek ears and I would wear them in a heartbeat if I ever left my house. But for those of you who are less fashion-forward, I have a list of comfortable Crocs in varying styles. I had no idea there were Croc sneakers now. 2022 is a whole new world. Continue reading…